Tanzania Olympic Committee organized a five-day seminar at the OlympAfrica Centre in Mkuza Kibaha from 5th to 9th February 2024 with 29 participants, aimed at empowering women with skills, knowledge, and support for leadership positions in the sports movement.
TOC president Gulam Rashid emphasized the importance of women taking on leadership positions within the sports organization and announced that TOC has amended its constitution to create four positions specifically designated for female members. Out of these four positions, two will be allocated to representatives from Zanzibar, while the other two will be filled by individuals from Mainland Tanzania.
The course was facilitated by TOC Vice President Henry Tandau, TOC Secretary General Filbert Bayi, TOC Executive members Irene Mwasanga and Suma Mwaitenda, National Sports Officer Apansia Lema and Kwangu L. Kulindwa Football Female Referee.
Olympic Solidarity through Tanzania Olympic Committee funded this important seminar.