Tanzania Olympic Committee and French Embassy in Tanzania on 20th April 2024 conducted the Twende Olympic 2024 FunRun aimed to promote the upcoming Olympic Games scheduled to take place from 26th July to 11th August 2024 in Paris. The run started from French school (Arthur Rimbaud) in Masaki and finished at Alliance Francaise in Upanga.
For the first time ever, both male and female athletes will have an equal quota of participants. This means that there will be 5250 slots allocated for male athletes and an equal number of slots allocated for female athletes, ensuring parity and fairness in participation.
Tanzanian Olympic medalists and individuals who have the Olympic Torch Relays were present in the FunRun.The presence of these esteemed athletes and the iconic torch added prestige and historical significance to the occasion, showcasing Tanzania’s rich sporting heritage and its connection to the global Olympic movement.